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Top 5 trends in professional cleaning in 2023


Technology in the household is already an integral part of our life, and that is why it is useful to stay up to date with the newfangled trends of professional cleaning, which are predicted by former Interclean director Rob den Hertog for 2023.

Technologies that help to monitor cleanliness

  1. The constant development of technology has ceased to be just a "pleasant acquisition".
    It's no secret that people in modern society are trying to minimize the damage that falls on the environment. This is becoming an important factor in the modern professional cleaning industry. If earlier people tried to use environmentally friendly products for cleaning, now the possibilities of its use are becoming much greater. Taking into account the Goals of the UN and the EU's "Green Course", manufacturers consider the entire production chain, from ecological packaging to product labeling. The importance of "green" cleaning in the professional cleaning industry has been growing for many years, its inclusion in the Business Strategy is likely to increase the trust of customers, employees and investors, while protecting the environment. The technological development of the industry is moving from the category of "it is desirable to buy" to the category of "must-buy".
  2. Disinfection with Ultraviolet-C.
    UV-C can be used for various purposes, including disinfection in the professional cleaning industry, for example, in hospitals. Large companies, such as Philips, SteriPro, are introducing UV-C technologies into their inventions. Due to the growth of the world's population, the threat of the emergence of antibiotic-resistant antibodies is increasing. Antibiotics are drugs with a leading substance used to treat bacterial infections. Antibodies to antibiotics occur when bacteria adapt to these medications, which leads to longer hospital stays and increased mortality.
    Ultraviolet-C, also called UV-C, is ultraviolet radiation with a wavelength from 200 to 290 nm. UV-C rays are highly effective in UV sterilization and disinfection, as they destroy the molecular bonds that hold the DNA of bacteria and viruses, and antibodies. Ultraviolet is an essential solution in the fight against infections. Cleaning rooms and devices with UV-C rays is not something new, it was discovered in 1896 and was first used to kill bacteria and treat tuberculosis of the skin. The use of UV-C light as a disinfectant in hospitals began in the late 1960s.
  3. "Armor protection" to maintain the well-being and health of cleaning industry workers.
    It's no secret that cleaning requires a lot of physical effort and energy. Everyone is faced with household chores, but not everyone does it professionally. Traditionally, cleaning involves a lot of manual labor, in most cases repetitive and creating stress on the human body. Exoskeletons come to the aid of cleaners — so-called devices designed to replenish lost strength. Currently, exoskeletons are classified into "active" and "passive". Active exoskeletons are powered and operated by motors and sensors. This is a kind of machine that a person carries on himself, and it provides movement of limbs with increased strength and endurance, protects cleaners, providing back support. This helps to relieve tension from the body and move on. The market for electric exoskeletons is likely to grow significantly in the next decade.
  4. Disinfection with steam cleaners.
    The main task for hospital workers is to prevent the occurrence and spread of infections associated with the provision of early medical care. Doctors must destroy the microorganisms that cause infections and deprive them of the environment in which they thrive. This means that all equipment must undergo several stages of sterilization in order to be safe for use. One of the best cleaning methods is steam disinfection, as high temperatures quickly kill germs. Steam cleaners are devices that operate under the pressure of clean (mandatory!) water heated in the boiler.
    They allow you to disinfect, clean and deodorize any surfaces without the need for detergents. The main advantage of steam cleaning is hypoallergenic cleaning. As auxiliary facts, saving time and money. Due to the Covid19 pandemic, steam cleaning has received a new impetus, and is likely to be relevant in 2022.
  5. Battery equipment.
    The number of battery-powered devices used in the professional cleaning industry is growing rapidly. They increase the operating time of the devices, as well as the stability and autonomous capabilities of the harvesting machines. In recent years, the volume of batteries of modern devices has become larger, this is especially useful in cases where the equipment is used for cleaning large areas, such as airports, hospitals, shopping facilities, office buildings, schools and industrial enterprises, reducing the time spent on cleaning without additional recharging.
    Variations of batteries are becoming more and more every year, solid-state batteries, traction, maintenance-free gel and Lithium-ion batteries are being introduced into the industry. All these batteries will allow companies to develop easier ways and solutions in the cleaning industry.
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