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How to remove glue from wallpaper after drying?


After gluing the wallpaper, spots of dried glue often remain on their surface – at first they are transparent and almost invisible, but over time they begin to accumulate dust and become dirty yellow, which significantly spoils the interior of the room. Today we will tell you how to clean wallpaper from dried glue and what tools will help in this.

Glue froze on the wallpaper – what to do?

The main thing in this situation is to react quickly, if the glue does not have time to harden, it will be much easier to remove it from the wallpaper. It is usually enough to blot the dirt with a rag or paper napkin to remove fresh traces of glue. In a situation where the glue has already frozen, it will be much more difficult to remove it, especially from thin paper wallpaper. Next, we will look at some ways to clean the surface from dried glue:

  1. Warm water – a relatively recent glue stain can be washed off with ordinary warm water, but it is worth remembering that too high a water temperature can negatively affect the paint on the wallpaper and the structure of the material as a whole.
  2. Detergents – household chemicals often help to cope with frozen glue: dishwashing detergents are applied to a contaminated area of wallpaper and after 5 minutes it is washed with a damp cloth. Window detergents are applied through a spray gun, then wait no more than 5 minutes and cool clean water with a sponge wash off the composition from the wall. The main thing is not to use powdered household chemicals, which even when dissolved with water does not completely dissolve and can scratch the decorative layer of wallpaper.
  3. Table vinegar with water perfectly dissolves the frozen glue, but only 9% vinegar should be used – too strong compounds destroy the paint on the wallpaper and leave white spots.
  4. Ethyl alcohol is also able to soften adhesive traces, you can use medical alcohol, denatured alcohol, vodka or even perfumes, if no dye is added to it.
  5. Special compositions for removing adhesive traces are the most effective method of removing dirt. Dried traces of glue are perfectly washed off with special chemical compositions, which are also called flushes.

How to remove fresh traces of glue?

Additionally, consider the situation when the glue has not yet had time to dry on the wallpaper – it is much easier to remove such stains if you immediately take the following actions:

  1. Soak a paper or cloth napkin with water.
  2. Gently blot the adhesive stain. It is important to do this with gentle soaking movements, without rubbing the stain to the sides.
  3. Then wipe the cleaned place with a dry cloth and light movements without pressure.

As you can see, it is possible to remove adhesive stains from wallpaper in different ways and using various means. Of course, it is best to notice the dirt immediately and not let it dry – for this you can use a lamp or a flashlight: they are brought to the pasted surface, then the glue begins to sparkle in the light and immediately catches the eye.

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