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Apartment ozonation – what is it and why?


Apartment ozonation is a modern highly efficient process of air purification and disinfection, which is the most economical and environmentally friendly of all existing ones. Cleaning and disinfection of the apartment with ozone allows you to remove any viruses, bacteria, microbes, fungus, mold, and also helps to get rid of rodents and insect parasites.

Features of ozone application

Ozone is a gas that is an allotropic form of oxygen with a triatomic molecule. Unlike chlorine, it does not pollute the environment and in a few hours it decays to pure oxygen. At the same time, the effect of ozone is 300 times greater than the effect of chlorination. The main advantages of using ozone for cleaning and disinfection of apartments include the following:

  1. For the production of ozone, there is special equipment that does not require raw materials and consumables – oxygen is used from the air of the treated room.
  2. The method is 99% effective against various microorganisms, viruses, bacteria and microbes.
  3. When the apartment is treated with ozonators, the air is not polluted with harmful impurities of chemical compounds.
  4. Ozonation of an apartment allows you to effectively combat unpleasant odors, since the high oxidizing ability of ozone contributes to deodorization – with the help of gas, you can get rid of tobacco odors, mustiness, sweat, and so on.
  5. Ozone can be used to disinfect underwear and children's clothes, making them practically sterile.
  6. In some cases, apartment ozonation is used to effectively control pests, such as cockroaches, mice, fleas, bedbugs or ants.

If you want to clean the air or surfaces in your apartment from pollution and unpleasant odors, order ozonation services – they are provided by professional cleaners using special equipment. Remember that ozone is poisonous – that is why it is better to entrust the treatment to experienced specialists.

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